Zumba and Zumba Toning classes in Surrey, Delta, BC.

Just 4 You Zumba
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Dear Zumba Enthusiast! This is the place where you get to be part of a wonderful dance and fitness community. We are committed to helping get your groove on while getting the fitness results you’ve always wanted.

Zumba in Surrey Newton, Panorama Ridge, South Delta, BC.


Zumba combines Latin and international music with dance that puts fun back into exercise! This Latin-inspired class fuses fast and slow rhythms to meet both cardiovascular and resistance training goals. Enjoy grooving to some great beats in a no pressure environment. Our fabulous instructors teach fun Latin movements to energize your body, mind and soul. Suitable for all levels from new participants to most experienced. These fun and invigorating classes focus on technique and interval training with an emphasis on proper form and fun!

Zumba Toning in Surrey Newton, Kwantlen, Colebrook, Cloverdale, BC.


Zumba Toning is an innovative muscle training program with the addition of light weight toning sticks that are very similar to maracas. Build coordination and muscle endurance. The Zumba Toning program is designed to offer the participant a safe, yet effective total body toning workout!


Just 4 You Zumba Testimonials

Daniela E.

"Thanks to Karen and Just 4 You Wellness Studio, I have become a person I don't recognize – and I don't mean just physically. I have found a place where I can grow, laugh, cry, sweat, dance and be joyful, a place where my daughter is welcome, and will likely grow, laugh, cry, sweat, dance and be joyful. That's what Just 4 You Wellness is - a place that is really just for you, whoever you want to become." 

Lisa S.

 "I like zumba because it gets me going. It gets my feet loosened up. I like to burn calories dancing with my friends and all the ladies there. It's fun!"

Linda d.

"Zumba!!!? It's a weird made up word, right? It's now a global fitness craze! Zumba is moving to music... we used to call this dancercize, aerobics, etc! Zumba is latin plus many different fast paced music with easy to remember steps. Zumba is fun! An hour class flies by and I feel exhilarated! Zumba burns calories and builds muscles! I think I recorded 600-700 calories burned in a class. If you like to dance or just do your own thing to music, zumba is for you. But, why just read about it ...try a class. I've been going regularly for over 4 years and I love every minute of it!"  

Vicki S.

"I so enjoy Zumba at Just 4 You. It's a great way to get moving and fit. We get to push our dance move boundaries with no one judging. We can be sensuous, sometimes silly, wiggle and jiggle with the best of them and sweat like crazy. I love the variety of routines – Bhangra, Latin, and African rhythms, along with country and hip hop – never boring! And the instructors energize us with mucho enthusiasm! I've been doing zumba there for four years and will keep right on boogyin'!"

Virginia M.

“After years of looking I have finally found a fitness studio with exercise programmes that are fun to attend with instructors who enjoy what they are doing and have tolerable music! I look forward to attending a class every morning and am disappointed when something comes up and interferes with my fitness routine.”


"JFY has offered me a healthier lifestyle with its Zumba and Zumba toning classes. The energetic instructors each bring their own style while keeping the experience fresh and always fun! Makes it easy to commit!"


Vicki S.